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August 26, 2007


Mark Hoben

Nice blog Stu!

I see the presentation of choices as an information architecture issue as well.

Your post seems to reference the profusion of choices as they relate to direct e-mail - in your opinion, does it apply in the same way to landing pages? How about web pages within your site? Intuitively I see these as accepting a progressively greater number of choices (perhaps one on a mailing, one or two on a landing page, more on a web page) but I'd be interested in your impressions based on your experience.

Stuart Robertson

Absolutely. Landing pages are important to keep very simple in the choices presented. They should typically payoff the keyword, email, or direct mailer with relevant content.

Websites are harder, as you want to effectively take prospects in different phases of the purchase process (from fact finding to ready to buy) and let them find the information easily and quickly. It is just as essential to think about each web page within your site and make the next step as clear, relevant, compelling, and single focused as possible.

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