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Stuart suffers from intense curiosity of why things are the way they are, oh and why is that? Of most interest to him is how people act and participate with the world given different stimuli. His day-to-day experience in marketing new web-based products and services has given him green pastures to see what works, and as important, what doesn't. Stuart hopes you find this blog a practical idea engine that is refreshingly helpful in enabling you to take action and build a better, smarter business every day for everyone you serve.

And now back to Stu's regularly featured background:

As General Manager for ING DIRECT's ShareBuilder 401(k) (, Stuart oversees all business operations for the unit including demand generation, sales optimization, product and customer success management.

Since joining ShareBuilder with the launch of the 401(k) unit in 2006, the company has achieved several milestones and benchmarks, including the successful growth to well over 1,500 customers and the launch of strategic partnerships with Costco and CareerBuilder.

Prior to joining ShareBuilder, Stuart headed marketing for Expedia Corporate Travel, the fastest growing division of Expedia, that acquired 3,000 mid and enterprise clients in the first 3 years of its inception. He has also held positions within strategy, marketing and product management for InterCall, Ameritech, and Ogilvy & Mather.

Robertson earned a BA in economics from the University of Colorado and holds a MBA in marketing from Indiana University. Stuart lives in Seattle with his wife and two young boys.